Monthly Archives: January 2016

The most cool CRUDE multivitamins

“Than so special crude vitamins?” All elements in these vitamins either are grown on special barmy cultures, either are received from natural raw materials. They are natural vitamins in full sence of the word. It is wrong to claim cheaper vitamins are not natural, however, they are isolated. These vitamins contain elements, which are their […]

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Morningstar-Minerals iherb

Thermal water and toner “mixed into one”

Continuing subject of YOUTH ELIXIR, it is just impossible to pass by Morningstar Minerals Toner, Energy of skin, restoring spray. Look on its structure: 68 minerals and 12 amino acids! Moreover, these are FULVIC MINERALS. It is a connection of minerals and fulvic acid. Have not heard about this? It is not surprising. Very few […]

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