Egyptian black (cumin) caraway seed oil iherb

Egyptian Black Cumin Seed Oil – healing for all deseases

In the hadith of the Prophet Muhammad it is said : “The black caraway seed  is the healing for all diseases except death” (a collection of Hadith Muslim and Al-Bukhari).The  famous Hippocrates and the ancient Greek pharmacologist Dioscorides mentioned its amazing healing properties in their medical treatises. It has got a high nutritional and biological […]

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Удаление папиллом

The removing of papillomas by natural way

In spite of the fact papillomas are usually harmless (benign tumor) they may cause irritation. Fortunately, there are several simple natural methods of removing them. Some people use techniques to remove papillomas quickly by means of sticky ribbon or aggressive chemicals such as nail enamel. Probably, these methods are effective, but can be rather painful especially if it is on […]

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