Face care

Toner for the face iherb

Toner for the face: how to choose the “right”?

In this post I am going to tell how to choose a correct facial toner (tonic). This narration is exclusively based on my personal experience, long-term procurement of natural floral waters and Hydrolat from major European manufacturers, and also, due to my long term experience in applying these waters for natural face creams and good […]

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Morningstar-Minerals iherb

Thermal water and toner “mixed into one”

Continuing subject of YOUTH ELIXIR, it is just impossible to pass by Morningstar Minerals Toner, Energy of skin, restoring spray. Look on its structure: 68 minerals and 12 amino acids! Moreover, these are FULVIC MINERALS. It is a connection of minerals and fulvic acid. Have not heard about this? It is not surprising. Very few […]

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