Continuing subject of YOUTH ELIXIR, it is just impossible to pass by Morningstar Minerals Toner, Energy of skin, restoring spray.

Look on its structure: 68 minerals and 12 amino acids! Moreover, these are FULVIC MINERALS. It is a connection of minerals and fulvic acid. Have not heard about this? It is not surprising. Very few people know about it.
Fulvic acid is one of the most wonderful curing substances on Earth. Almost every illness of human concerned with deficit of fulvic acid in meals.
Do you know that minerals in drugstore and minerals in real food (vegetables, fruits, nuts and cereals) are absolutely different combinations! Secret of natural microelements is in properties of fulvic acids.

One of important properties of fulvic acid is elimination of the toxic heavy metals and radionuclides from organism. Bringing to cell minerals and nutrients, fulvic acid gives them and after that, connects heavy metals and radioactive substances and removes them from cell.

Fulvic acid is developed in soils during millions of years. It happens in absolutely amazing way as all on Earth…)) Chlorophyll in plants catches sunlight photons. Part of Sun energy is spent for maintenance of life of a plant and another part is on synthesis of saccharides, which the plant removes through root system to the earth. These saccharides are eaten by microorganisms producing our amazing fulvic acid.

Fulvic acid enters in reaction with minerals and dissolves them, breaking them to the smallest parts – ions. Ions are so little that can penetrate through cell membranes. And exactly such minerals with fulvic acid are eaten by plants taking them from earth… Next, with food such minerals go to our organisms. Key moment here is size of ions of minerals and their capability to penetrate into cells. And this toner is not just usual mineral water! Unlike of usual mineral water it contains wide spectrum of minerals and the most important are organic molecules (amino acids), which are delivered to cells of our organisms in the best way.

Volume of toner-spray is 227 g. Price is $11.99

Toner leaves pleasant feelings after each applying. Using this spray-toner you will feel as skin of face and area around eyes becomes more elastic and tightened.

It is spent very economically; the spray sprays very small, almost “fog”.
It might be used not only for face but for body and hair. It doesn’t dry and doesn’t pull together skin, refreshes, instantly matts, levels color of face, does skin smooth and healthy.
You can regularly spray on face during the day and also on make-up, or wipe face with cotton disk turning water into cleansing and moisturizing toner.

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