Korean brand Elizavecca is familiar to many of us: some of its products are very mediocre, the others have got a solid four, but there are just awesome, I would tell you today about one of them. This bubble cleansing face mask, Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask.

The manufacturer declares it as a solution for deep cleansing, stimulating the regeneration of skin cells and smoothing skin’s microtexture. It is suitable for all skin types. I could assure you that it is. However, if you have dry skin, the effectiveness is reduced and it does not need this mask to owners of this type of skin. But the rest I recommend to think about purchasing this product.

The composition is balanced the way to just work:

  • it is based on surfactant: a large volume of mild, a smaller percentage of more aggressive, heavy;
  • white clay;
  • polymer, allows to obtain the optimal structure;
  • Methyl Perfluoroisobutyl Ether — is a component, allowing the tool to foam at the time of application to the skin;
  • glycerin to hydrate;
  • collagen to soften and skin elasticity;
  • charcoal powder for deep cleansing;
  • allantoin as a soothing component;
  • herbal extracts, designed to provide anti-inflammatory effect: peppermint, lavender, rosemary, chamomile, freesia.

How to apply this mask: its texture and bubble layer

The texture of the mask is very unusual, if we compare it with other products based on clay. It reminds a rubberized elastic mass, grayish-blue. The scent is unobtrusive and pleasant. During the applying it is very simple, the mask forms a layer on the skin that stretches like a gel paste. Almost immediately after contact with the skin there have been starting to appear those bubbles, and it gets tickled. Every second the amount of the bubbles is increasing, and in the end all her face covered with foam.

The mask should be kept on the skin for 5 minutes, then wet your face with warm water, massage the skin and rinse. And now I will mention a visible drawback of this tool is to wash off the gel basis is very problematic, produces a lot of foam, you have to spend both time and water. The problem is solved easily, just apply a thin layer, rinse with KONNYAKU sponge or cellulose sponge. Foam is still formed, but to wash it off becomes easier.

I enclose a photo of a bubble mask on the skin of the hands, because on the face it looks aesthetically unpleasant.
Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask
The first photo of the gel layer immediately after application, the last — the foam itself, but not in the maximum stage of elevation. On the hand, the foam did not rise as high as this usually occurs on the face.

The effectiveness of the cleansing compensates all the problems with washing off.
The effect is stunning:

  • skin becomes a porcelain-smooth, and therefore, the mask works as a peeling, removing dead cells;
  • the pores are cleaned and narrowed, acne becomes smaller, and in my experience I can say — the effectiveness of this mask is significantly better than other cleaning agents then tested by me. The action of the coal and clay is powered by the same bubbles. The foam helps active ingredients to penetrate deeper into the pores, cleansing them. While washing it off we get an even and deep exfoliation, which also helps to cleanse the pores;
  • the skin becomes smooth, supple and hydrated. There is no feeling of tightness, which distinguishes this mask from the other, which is composed of clay;
  • there is no any irritation and any burning on sensitive areas, the composition does not sting the skin without causing redness. But I’m trying to use the tool only when it is needed, because frequent and deep peeling might damage the skin. For sensitive skin type the product is worth buying, but used not often.

I rightly think this mask is one of the best in terms of deep pore cleansing and exfoliation. But its main advantage is the lack of redness after use.

I am sure to buy more, and recommend you to try.