In spite of the fact papillomas are usually harmless (benign tumor) they may cause irritation. Fortunately, there are several simple natural methods of removing them. Some people use techniques to remove papillomas quickly by means of sticky ribbon or aggressive chemicals such as nail enamel. Probably, these methods are effective, but can be rather painful especially if it is on sensitive area such as face. So there are different ways of removal with the exception of harmful ingredients, but they require more time and sequence.

Oils Tea Tree iherbЧайное деревоTea tree essential oil is recognized by professional dermatologists and cosmetologists for its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiseptic properties having a wide range of applying in cosmetology and medicine. Tea tree oil copes well with different skin problems including papillomas.

Just rub a little oil into a papilloma twice a day. With regular use the papilloma itself should break away in 1-3 weeks.

Apple cider vinegar is rather inexpensive agent for removing papillomas. Apply a little vinegar directly on the papilloma. Use a cotton pad for easier applying. This procedure may cause burning within a few minutes but it does work. Your papilloma should disappear within 2-4 weeks.

Castor oil also has many uses. Combined with a baking soda it can be used for the removal of papillomas. Just mix the oil and the baking soda to the state of a smooth paste. Rub the paste into the papilloma twice a day during two weeks until it breaks away.

The most effective remedy for the papilloma’s removing is a juice of celandine. This medicinal plant is also used in traditional medicine. Fresh juice got from stems of celandine, herbal tea, plant extracts and concentrates are utilized. Some people apply more dangerous methods for instance the prevention of access blood supply to neoplasm bandaging a substructure of the papilloma by a thread. All the folk remedies treating papillomas are rather effectual.

Generally, papillomas are harmless but they may cause awkwardness. If you have papillomas, try one of these simple home remedies.

But sometimes under the influence of some factors the deformation of papillomas, darkening, overgrowth or inflammation are possible to happen. Such papilloma often bleeds, hurts, itches or burns. These pathological changes require immediate removing of neoplasms. In this case you have to visit your dermatologist or surgeon immediately.