It is recommended to get an additional amount of folic acid in case you do not get enough one from a multivitamin complex.

So, why we need to take such tablets at all? Question is this substance provides the right development of nervous system of a fetus, more precisely it nourishes a neural tube, which later grows into the brain and the spinal cord.

The interesting moment is the recommendation to take the one both men and women. Let’s speak in numbers. The standard daily value is 400 mcg. The whole course should begin for 3-6 months before the desirable date of conceiving and last till the end of prenatal period. Women who had a pregnancy with problems in the development of a neural tube are advised to take double amount – 800 mcg of folic acid. It could be also suggested people who take antiepileptic drugs.

Speaking about general properties of folic acid, it is a water-soluble vitamin without any harmful supplements. Folic acid applies to B vitamins (it is also called vitamin B9). For instance, green leaves contain it. In case of excess acid is easily excreted from the body.

Otherwise, folic acid protects heart and prevents such diseases as apoplexy and heart attack. Regular intake of folic acid in the value of 400 mcg can noticeably improve the patient’s condition after heart attack.

By the way, for the coffee and cigarettes lovers folic acid is also helpful, because such people have increased level of homocysteine. The last one accumulates in the body and begins to attack the c wall of the arteries. So folic acid turns homocysteine back into amino acid methionine that was the initial state of homocysteine.

Generally, in case your doctor appointed you folic acid these tablets could be a good resolution because of high quality of a product.