Today I will tell about very effective substance to strengthen hair and accelerate its growth. It is Life Flo Health Pure Magnesium Oil. It consists of magnesium chloride in very high concentration and is mined in the seas of Netherlands. Aqua itself has no colour and very weak unobtrusive odour. Consistence is similar to water, but a bit oily. Application is very convenient thanks to small sprayer that is very good by the way, it is not clogged. During absorption it may cause sense of oiliness, but when it dries up, remains a white layer of magnesium salt.

Uses of Magnesium Oil

1. Strengthening and acceleration of hair growth.

strengthening the hairThe oil improves local blood circulation, it provides better blood flow to the skin. Also it oxygenates and renews cells wherewith cleans the skin of hair roots from dead cells. Magnesium Oil works through dissolution of calcium inside the skin cells and hair follicles thus it protects against hair loss.

How I use it: I spray this agent on hair partings and rub into the skin with careful massage movements. Next I fold hairs into a shower cap. Hold from 30 minutes, but it depends on your feeling. The oil may cause heating and burning of the skin, but eventually the skin is getting used, it even feels pleasant. Finally, it is easily washed out by an ordinary shampoo per 1-2 application.

The result: the oil dries the skin a bit, so people with oily skin will like this “side effect”. As for growth, the result was better than from a pepper infusion, growing is too times faster! And after 2-3 months little soft hairs appear across the head. Moreover, Magnesium Oil is good to prevent dandruff (thanks to this agent the skin becomes clear, more healthy; itch disappears).

2. The removal of joint and muscle pain.

Removing muscle painApply the oil on painful area, next rub into the skin through massage. For better result take saturated of this liquid gauze and wrap this area; also better to make it warmer with some textile and keep for a while. Rinse with water and soap.

Be careful while using Magnesium Oil for joints because the root of problem can be different – it is not always the right treatment to warm up. But for muscles, opposite, it is very good remedy! For instance, it will be good to relieve tension after heavy physical activities. Thirty-minute compress will be enough for getting significant relief.

Also I will notice present method cannot be used often in that magnesium salts strongly irritate the skin (remember that a strong burning was on the head skin).

To sum up, this aqua is really effective, furthermore, the volume of one bottle is just right for the whole course.