I recently promised to write a review about Trifala and, hurrah, I did it!

A point is, Trifala calls special trembling and respect in my mind. It is ancient Ayurvedic Formula of cleansing and rejuvenation known all over the world. Trifala is three composed, three fruits of myrobalans (fruit trees in Himalayas), which have been using in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. HARITAKI+AMALAKI+BIBHITAKI = formula of Trifala.

Mentions of Trifala dazzle in ancient Indian sacred texts are: “the one who takes Trifala for a year will get rid of all diseases and will live for centuries”.

I like Ayurvedic preparations of their safety, besides the efficiency has proved by modern medicine. Exactly that is why the main way of cleansing for me is Trifala. It really works very delicately and influence well on the system of digestion. Literally in first days a feeling appears that the system of digestion begins to work more actively. It is difficult to put it into words – such a feeling of ease in organism. Plus, hardly noticeable aperients effect strengthens the feeling of organism gets rid of all superfluous. In process of further reception this feeling ceases to be noticeable as getting used to this new state.

The best here is Trifala clears not only from slag and toxins. Also, it is antiparasitic that is important for everyone. In the result of such fundamental cleansing and rejuvenation ALL THE SYSTEMS OF OUR ORGANISM are revitalized. Trifala leads organism to the state of harmonious work and this is a pledge of our health.

Course of Trifala should be at least 50 days. Take 2-3 times a day. In the morning it is perfectly to wash down Trifala with water and honey; in the day time with warm water; and before sleep with warm honey after that should sleep without drafts wearing warm socks. This is the most romantic moment.)))

I am often asked is it necessary to make a purge of organism and only after to take other dietary supplements. On my view, you may do everything at the same time. Supplements are like a food and during clearing programs we will eat somehow. Another frequent question is why I have chosen exactly this Trifala from Savesta. This is because this producer uses clean extracts with high level of activity. As for Trifala, it has certain per percent of tannins. Other extracts have other active agents. There are 50% of tannins in Trifala from Savesta. These are maximum figures for Trifala. And there are a lot of extract itself. By the way, not all producers point the amount of active agents in extract that means, probably, they have small number.

In case this Trifala is non-available can take Trifala from Now Foods – this is also decent variant.