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Grapefruit seed extract (GSE)

Grapefruit seed extract (GSE) – a powerful plant natural antibiotic. Let the word “antibiotic”  not scare you. Unlike conventional antibiotics that can selectively influence only on the bacteria, GSE has got a detrimental effect on the bacteria, germs, viruses and microorganisms, including fungi and parasites. GSE contains glycosides and  bioflavonoids which work the way so […]

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Egyptian black (cumin) caraway seed oil iherb

Egyptian Black Cumin Seed Oil – healing for all deseases

In the hadith of the Prophet Muhammad it is said : “The black caraway seed  is the healing for all diseases except death” (a collection of Hadith Muslim and Al-Bukhari).The  famous Hippocrates and the ancient Greek pharmacologist Dioscorides mentioned its amazing healing properties in their medical treatises. It has got a high nutritional and biological […]

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