Often people ask me to recommend good supplement of Iron. Ask why Iron is not mentioned in my schemes of dietary supplements.

The point is Iron it is such an element, with which we must to be very careful. Excess of Iron is worse than its deficit, because to get rid from accumulated Iron is very hard task. Excess of Iron cause disturbance of liver functions. Yep, that liver, for which all are afraid because of big amount of dietary supplements. Unlike habitual horror stories about supplements and liver, in this case, liver is really under a sight. Anyway, this is very slow process.

For this reason, you should not take multivitamins, which contain Iron all the time. For example, Daily Vits though, there is little concentration of Iron. Especially it concerns men because women lose Iron during menstruation. Respectively, with approach of menopause women should be careful with Iron too. There is often the inscription «Iron free» on men’s multivitamins that is presented as advantage. Even in men’s magazines is possible to find recommendations to choose vitamins without Iron.

Nevertheless, I suggest a few medicines for those who really need this and I remind that you can take Iron only after doctor’s recommendations based on your analysis.

By the way, vegetarians are in a risk zone of Iron deficit because they get Iron only from plants, but that Iron in bad acquiring form.

Garden of Life, Vitamin Code, RAW Iron iherbWell, I pass to Iron assortment. The first variant is complex Garden of Life, Vitamin Code, RAW Iron. It is, as say “crude Iron”. It was drown on special yeast cultures. It can be combined with multivitamins, but its desirable to choose complex, where B12 within the limit of 100-200% from daily norm and Folic Acid, – not more than 400 mkg. In the structure of plants that contain elements promoting assimilation of Iron. These elements create conditions for Iron assimilation similar to those we get from food.

Now Foods, Iron, 18 mg iherbSolgar, Gentle Iron, 25 mg iherbThere are 2 more simple variants, but they are also good:

Solgar, Gentle Iron, 25 mg, 180 Veggie Caps
Now Foods, Iron, 18 mg, 120 Veggie Caps

Notice: take separately from Calcium and Magnesium (not less than 2 hours between takes)

Better absorption of iron Lactoferrin helps! And Lactoferrin contained in the Сolostrum
Links for Colostrum itself – Here.

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