Morningstar-Minerals iherb

Thermal water and toner “mixed into one”

Continuing subject of YOUTH ELIXIR, it is just impossible to pass by Morningstar Minerals Toner, Energy of skin, restoring spray. Look on its structure: 68 minerals and 12 amino acids! Moreover, these are FULVIC MINERALS. It is a connection of minerals and fulvic acid. Have not heard about this? It is not surprising. Very few […]

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Grapefruit seed extract (GSE)

Grapefruit seed extract (GSE) – a powerful plant natural antibiotic. Let the word “antibiotic”  not scare you. Unlike conventional antibiotics that can selectively influence only on the bacteria, GSE has got a detrimental effect on the bacteria, germs, viruses and microorganisms, including fungi and parasites. GSE contains glycosides and  bioflavonoids which work the way so […]

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Egyptian black (cumin) caraway seed oil iherb

Egyptian Black Cumin Seed Oil – healing for all deseases

In the hadith of the Prophet Muhammad it is said : “The black caraway seed  is the healing for all diseases except death” (a collection of Hadith Muslim and Al-Bukhari).The  famous Hippocrates and the ancient Greek pharmacologist Dioscorides mentioned its amazing healing properties in their medical treatises. It has got a high nutritional and biological […]

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